Importance of SSL Certificate

Security | December 28, 2018

If you look at the URL bar of this page on the top, you will see “HTTPS” where the S signifies that our website has a “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) Certificate. If you don’t find a padlock next to a website’s address and the URL starts with “HTTP” that means it does not have an SSL certification and your sensitive information, say, for example, your net banking passwords, credit card numbers, and other usernames stand at a risk of being exposed to other internet users. Because of its critical importance, SSL Certification has been made mandatory in the current year to ensure safer browsing. So now, if you visit any site that is not safe, Google flags it as ‘not secure’ for you so you can leave it immediately.

Let’s dig deeper to know how SSL certification can benefit your website.


  1. Prevents Security Breach: A SSL Certificate encrypts the information between a user and the server so that any data that you exchange cannot be decoded by anyone else. This encryption is done by adding random characters to the information which can only be decoded with an encryption key. Thus, only the intended recipient can make use of the data exchanged. It safeguards you against hackers trying to intercept your transmissions.


  1. Enhances Search Engine Rankings: Back in 2014, Google made an announcement that they were going to use HTTPS as a search engine ranking parameter. This meant if you installed an SSL certificate for your website, you could start ranking higher in the search results, promote safe search and make the Internet a safer place too.


  1. Helps Build Trust and Legitimacy: The trust seals in the form of a padlock are enough to provide the users with an assurance that the website is safe to use. If you cannot show your customers that you care about their security, why should they place their trust in you and buy your products? It is as simple as that. Once you install an SSL certification, your brand image gets a makeover and your customers begin to view you as a professional and genuine brand in the digital world.


  1. Improves The Speed of Your Website: Your site ranking also depends on your site speed in a way, the logic being that the faster your site loads, the more people will visit it and the higher you rank in the search results. So, it is all connected. It is only a myth that SSL certification lowers your site speed, in fact, the result is just the opposite. You do not just benefit from the increase in the performance, but your audience also turns into your loyal visitors.


  1. Better User Experience: HTTPS websites are capable of providing a better user experience. These websites have faster loading speeds, user-friendly interface and SSL certification which would be preferred over a site which is not secure. Ultimately, this will translate into better conversion rates and a boost in your business growth too. Win-Win!
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