Importance of Responsive Website Design

Design | September 14, 2018

The growth of the technological sector over the past decade has left everyone astounded. The evolution of the desktop computer to 5 inches’ mobile screens hit the market massively in 2015 with 16% increase in the mobile internet usage from 2010. Way before the world was introduced to responsive designs, businesses catered the needs of new mobile users with separate “mobile” versions of their website.

46% of mobile users’ report having a problem while viewing a static site. 44% of the viewers complain that browsing was troublesome on smaller devices. These sites instead being the replica, represented as the sibling of their desktop sites. These were the toned down versions with minimal content and functionality. Besides these, they also incurred the implications of time and cost involved for designing multiple websites for different devices and all for an unsatisfying and displeasing user experience.


But in today’s time, Responsive Web Designs have made the dream of most of the businesses come true by making their brand available on the go.

Responsive web design works on the principle techniques that provides any website with a flexibility to adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. It not only saves the users from the trouble of zooming in and out, scrolling left to right to check out the contents of the page but makes browsing the site easier by integrating things like touch screens to aid navigation.

Why Responsive Designs are crucial to your online presence?


  • “FUTURE” PROOF & READY: The smartphone share of web traffic users have increased worldwide by 163% and is expected to outrun desktop designs. Responsive designs come with the guarantee of safeguarding their future use. It well supports the multitude of existing devices and is bound to support any next gen human technical invention. It’s ultramodern functionality and convenience is bound to grow and last. Responsive Designs are the Future of technological growth.
  • ON THE GO, ALL THE TIME: Responsive designs keep your users always engaged. From kitchen to bathrooms the world is browsing from any available corner. Stats quote that 75% of Americans carry their phones to the bathroom. This implies, If unsatisfied chances of them returning to your website even from a desktop reduces by 75%. When people are willing to browse anytime from anywhere let’s provide them with a positive on-the-go experience with responsive designs.
  • SEO RANKINGS: Google ranking can determine a lot about any website. Effective since, April 2015 Google recommends responsive approach and mobile-friendly sites topped the charts. Comprehensive and efficient user experience matters for SEO and conclusively increases your conversions complimented by the rankings. Go responsive!
  • SHOP ON MOBILE: Online shopping is the smart and convenient thing to shop for anything you like, anytime without going an extra mile The number of shoppers who have used a smartphone or a tablet for online shopping were noted at 51% in 2013 and are expected to increase to 77% by 2017. If your products and services are not appropriately viewable on mobile devices, you not only compromise on your sales, but miss out on a greater opportunity. It’s time to evolve your business with responsive revolution.

Human race is evolving. The world is only getting faster and better. Desktops have long gone been replaced by Smartphones and smartphones are only going to get smarter. Responsive web designs are par above being trendy and cool, they are a must, these days. Do not limit your users by the devices and get them to experience your beautiful creations optimized for any of gadget of their choice.

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