Website Speed Optimization

How does it affect your business?

Killer speed or speed a killer?


Fast, Faster, Fastest. Our life these days, is defined by ”speed is everything”. From waiting in the lines at the supermarket checkouts to being stuck in traffic, all of it would result in testing patience, lack of attention, irritability and ultimately disappointment. And now wonder, being in this scenario how long does it take for a visitor to hold onto any website while it’s loading?

Some of these facts could strike you as a lightning bolt.


web users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds.


users tends to abandon a site that isn't loading within 3 seconds.


shoppers who had trouble with site performance aren't likely to return.


would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online.

1 second

delay in page response can result in 7% loss in conversions.

Speed at which a web page loads remains the most important criteria for Google’s ranking algorithm for both desktop and mobile sites. We optimize and enhance your website to score higher on Pagespeed Insight, the platform used by google to determine loading speed of a page. And we are not about just making you reach the top, we make sure you stay at the top.
  • Milliseconds matter: Walmart in its recent study revealed that every second of improvement in their website loading time would increase conversion by 2%. Tag man concludes that every second delay in the site loading time would result in the fall of their conversion rate by 7%. Decreased speed, lowers customer satisfaction hurting the conversion rate and casting negative shadow on your sales. Content Delivery Networks are an appropriate solution for most websites in need of speed enhancement. Using CDNs for the images and resources on your site, we bring to your site, faster response and download time due to reduced latency.
  • Reformed Images: Image size and format are two utmost criteria that determine the loading speed of any image. Oversized images or an image not compatible with the browsers would have a drastic negative impact on the site’s loading speed. We take into consideration a broad array of causes and optimize images in the best way possible to ensure the images on the site load quickly keeping the speed and responsiveness of your website.
  • Trimming the Resources: Extra may not always be good. What could justify it better than those extra spaces and indentations messing with your codes. These messy codes slow down your website considerably. We help you minify your codes and keep your pages as lean as possible, preventing them from burdening the speed of your website. HTML, CSS or Javascript, we could handle it all.
  • Don’t kill your Cache: The concept of caching lies in the fact that whenever a website is visited, some of the elements of the page get stored as a temporary storage in the hard drive in a cache. This enables the browser to load the contents of the page without sending HTTP request to the server every time. This could decrease the loading time of your page significantly. Statistics claim that 40-60% viewers on a website come with an empty cache and it makes it critical to make the page fast for these first-visitors. We can help make your first impression last.
According to one of the givens of human nature that psychologist address from the famous “queuing theory” states clearly, that public hates it when they expect a short wait and then get a long one. This clearly puts the Site loading time under spot light. Site Speed is one of the crucial aspect for any website user. And this is why, we make sure it is never compromised for your website.

There are many ways that can be implemented to increase the overall loading speed of the site, however to help you overcome the challenges of the technically advanced techniques, we are always available to serve you with our expertise. Speak with a free mind and do share your unique experiences and views about the results of optimizing the loading speed of the site.

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